Good, Bad and Badass Strike Back

It’s October, and you know what that means: The Cyberpunk Hero exclusive article, The Good, The Bad and the Badass!

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The Cyberpunk Dream (cont.)

Okay, we’ve done body mods. So we’re halfway there – time for brain mods.

The problem with brain mods is that surgical procedures are pretty much out of the question. So far, at least. Cutting into the brain and sticking something in there just doesn’t work yet. However, there are still several ways to approach brain modification.

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Nostalgia is when you forget the shitty parts of history. Here at Cyberpunk Hero we tend to avoid nostalgia – generally, history was about is good and bad as it is right now.

However, there are some things we’re nostalgic about:

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The Cyberpunk Dream

Step 1: Find a sharp knife. Apply the blade to the bottom of your neck, cutting a deep incision. Be careful to avoid any arteries – if you hit one by accident, call for an ambulance.

Step 2: Insert a web-direct webcam into the wound, with the lens pointing out. Turn VERY IMPORTANT – make sure the batteries can be replaced without causing undue damage.

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Tired of It

Fuck it.

Fuck it all.

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The Monster in the Closet

Generally, when people think of monsters, boogeymen and the like, they consider them to be fallacies of youth. But adults have their own set of boogeymen.

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Da-da-da-digg, da-da-da-digg, da-da-da-digg!

(Of the Week.)

This week’s Digg: The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities
Free programs = good. No issue, right?


Well, almost.

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